Sunday, 17 May 2015

I can act nude for $50m – Amanda Ebeye

I can act nude for $50m – Amanda Ebeye

Nollywood Actress, Amanda Ebeye has stated that she can act nude in any Nollywood movie if given 7.5billion naira.

In a recent interview with The PUNCH, the ‘Clinic Matters’ star said “I cannot act nude but like I have said before, if you pay me about $50m, I will. Please who is the first to pay? I can shave my hair because I’m an actress. If the role requires it, if it is a beautiful script and the money is good, I will do it. It will not be because it is the trend. It is not because Mercy Johnson did it, so I should, no, that is not enough reason. Right now, the script has to be outstanding for me to be interested in shaving off my hair.”
On growing up, she said “I was a stubborn kid. I was never a tomboy. I don’t know how to bounce or sag for the world but stubborn, fighting for my rights and the rights of others, yes. I always wanted to defend others in need. That’s why often, they used to say I knew how to ‘buy’ other people’s matter. But my friends would say I had and will always have the heart of a child because no matter how much I fight you, I’ll always feel bad and be the first to tell you sorry.”

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