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Hian! In a new video released yesterday, the Boko Haram terrorists have warned President Muhammadu Buhari regarding making any move, which could backfire on him and the generality of Nigerians. The group said it could be forced to attack Aso Rock Villa. The insurgents also spoke of their continued oath of allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).

The leader of the terrorists started his speech by reading from a prepared sheet. He said: “Verily, the enemies of God have organised meetings to seek for solutions to what they found themselves in despair and dejection.
“They are trying to free themselves, their representatives and leaders from the hardship. They gathered all their forces with a pledge using media, radio and internet that they would finish the soldiers of monotheism. The enemies of God are being punished through loss of their lives, properties and ammunitions.
“This is in Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger republic’s border or in Chad, their allied forces became afraid when they saw our fighters even after their alliance. Even though they support themselves and the followers who committed apostasy and the Shiites, that did not benefit them. While we, the monotheists reaffirmed that victory is really from God. And this alliance has made us continue in this path of cleansing this land off unbelievers and those who turn their back on Islam. It is a tradition of unbelievers at any time and any generation when they lose hope from stopping the truth. They run to organise their plans and spread lies to Mujahid fighters so they can stop people from following the path of God.
If you do not believe this, as those who fought us in the towns of Gudunbali and Geidam. We warned them against any joint alliance with either Chad or Niger republic. The government is threading the path of the infidels. God is the greatest of all planners. They all planned, but God is the best of all planners.
“We will fight the whole of Africa, because they are all unbelievers. With our consensus, they are all unbelievers. Their forces will all gather to harm us, but they will fail, because they will not see us. Even if they block all the entrances, we will still get in. Consequently, we will continue with our efforts until the religion of Islam takes over. And if they refuse or are stubborn, we will attack them. In Africa, our role model is Sheikh Abu Muhammad Abubakar (May God protect him).

“Our brothers who are fighting like us are in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and other places. By God’s grace, we will continue to move on. There won’t peace. There won’t be security. There won’t peace of mind, until all the unbelievers return to God. All of you will not know any happiness, unless the unbelievers among you have faith in God and accept His way.
“We are saying President Muhammadu Buhari is an infidel (unbeliever). Christians don’t have any importance at all. We don’t have anything to do with them at all. They will still blame themselves. And a time will come, whereby their complaint will not be useful again.
“Buhari, in your house, called Aso Rock Villa, we believe you are watching us right now. Be careful of us. At this place we are standing, we are speaking with one voice on behalf of all the Muslims.

“You believers, if a bad person comes to you to inform you about something, be careful of such a person. Therefore, all radio houses, the internet, and all media of news dissemination, are all following the path of the infidels.
“We are saying that the soldier of Muslim is Abu Bakr Baghdadi. We are telling our followers to be patient and rely on God. Because, a time is coming when we will give thanks to God on our achievements.”

“Trump is not succeeding me” – President Barack Obama

The 44th and current president of the United States of America, Barack Obama made the statement at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Santa Monica, California on Thursday evening.

He said, “I recognize that there is a deep obsession right now about Mr. Trump. And one of you pulled me aside and squeezed me hard and said, ‘Tell me that Mr. Trump is not succeeding you.’ And I said, ‘Mr. Trump is not succeeding me.'”

He thanked Donald Trump and his main Republican rival Ted Cruz for their honesty, crediting them for exposing “some of the nonsense that we’ve been dealing with in Congress on a daily basis.”

Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker’s Daughter Awarded $10.1 Million in Lawsuit Over His Death

17 year-old Meadow Walker, the daughter of actor Paul Walker, has been awarded a sum of $10.1 million in a settlement with the estate of Roger Rodas, the driver of the car that Paul was killed in.

Rodas and Walker died when the ‘Porsche Carrera GT’ Rodas was driving crashed and exploded on November, 20, 2013.

In a statement to People on Thursday, Meadow’s lawyer said that

“The amount paid by the estate of Roger Rodas into a trust for Meadow Walker only covers a fraction of what her father would have earned as an international movie star had his life not tragically been cut short”

“Through his estate, Mr. Rodas, the driver of the car, took partial responsibility for the crash. Meadow’s lawsuit against Porsche AG—a $13 billion corporation—intends to hold the company responsibly for producing a vehicle that was defective and caused Paul Walker’s death.”

Meanwhile a judge had earlier ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove that Porsche was responsible for the crash in the lawsuit brought by the Rodas estate.  However, Meadow’s lawyer says that ruling has no impact on his client’s case against the car company.

Meadow’s father, the late Paul Walker, was a passenger in the car. He survived the crash but was trapped and burned to death because of the vehicle’s alleged defects. A significant portion of the judge’s decision was based on his rejection of evidence because of missed deadlines and also a failure to sue Porsche AG, the manufacturer.

Asa is Set to Take Lagos by Storm for 1st Ever Live Concert in Nigeria | May 1

Asa, who has three (3) internationally released studio albums – ‘Live in Paris’ and ‘Live in Tokyo’ DVDs and chart-topping singles to her credit, will perform her most popular hits as well as tracks from her three albums including latest album ‘Bed of Stone’.

Her name has been synonymous with quality music in Nigeria has performed in different cities and countries around the world, winning acclaim for her breathtaking live performances. Her tours have led her to performing at some of the world’s most prestigious venues and the most recent, ‘Bed Of Stone Tour’, was heralded as one of last year’s must-see tours by critics and fans.

She now brings the #BOSTOUR to Lagos on the 1st of May, 2016 at the Eko Convention Center of Eko Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos.

As the “Asa Live in Lagos” concert hits Lagos, Asa fans, connoisseurs of good music, and just about everybody in the entertainment industry are about to experience what is likely to be the biggest concert the ever bustling city of Lagos will play host to in a very long time.

The question making the rounds is; will it bring the hottest jostle for concert tickets ever seen in this part of the world? Only time will tell!

Date: 1st of May, 2016
Venue: Eko Convention Center of Eko Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Contact: #ASALIVEINLAGOS #SeeAsaLive #AsaOnMayDay

Jasmine Zik: Going Natural? Find Out How to Choose Your Products

Whether you call it a trend, a movement, an identity or anything else, I believe going natural is one of the healthiest decision one can ever make concerning one’s body.
It not only transforms the structure of your hair and looks, it sorta transforms your mind! You become more aware of things/substances you previously ignored, begin to see benefits and disadvantages of some habitsand foods you eat. It also makes you more inquisitive, careful and creative.
Stop for a moment and think about it…since you decided to go natural you’re kinda eating healthy foods, you’re reading up more articles to find out ‘how and why’ on issues relating to your hair, you’re trying out new things, aren’t you? Coming up with your own DIY for almost everything-hahahahaha… it clicked yeah?
What have you become? A scientist? A researcher? Socialist? Advocate? Healthier? You’re drinking loads of water, eating fruits and foods you didn’t care much about – at a rate that might even sound alarming considering your kind of person.
You find yourself concocting things in your kitchen like a scientist carrying out experiments in the lab that leaves everyone around you, especially the boyswho don’t get it, speechless and wondering why you’re pouring stuff that’s meant to be cooked in a pot on your hair, saying it’ll make it healthy…. Yep! We all get that.
Peradventure you’re new to this- being natural-doing the big chop or transitioning and you’re feeling lost as all the info you get are overwhelming, relax! you’ll get a grasp of it very soon and quickly too.
One of the major problems we encounter is choosing products that would work. Here are a few guidelines that should help…
Know your hair and what it needs
You might need to do a few experiments at the beginning stage and you should be aware that it’s sometimes, more difficult for transitioners as they deal with two different textures. You can start with products from the same line as they were made to work together(for example, you can use shampoo, conditioner, cowash and deep conditioner from Eden Body Works,the Mane Choice or Cantu etc). Later on, you can create your own hair care regimen.
Make a list of the basic products. It’ll help you know how much you’ll be spending; after a while you’ll get a hang of how long they last for you, then you’ll be able to tell how often you’ll be spending. Be sure to subscribe to natural hairblogs,newsletters,follow pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to be alerted when sales are going on. That way you’ll be able to save a few bucks on products.
After you have found out what your hair needs (find the basics here), you will need to watch out for harmful ingredients in certain products and also ingredients that your hair doesn’t work well with(watch out for reactions, a product worked for me doesn’t necessarily translate that it would work as well as it did for you).
Read reviews on products,blogs and articles. Don’t be shy or afraid to speak to someone with gorgeous hair, who you think might help on how they achieved a style or what products they use. Share your opinions especially a new hair hackyou figured out (you don’t have to start a blog,but why not! if you want to).
Make friends, Who knows? They might own products that don’t work for them but works for you. Who says no to freebies? You can even trade/swap products.
Don’t be afraid to use DIY products sometimes, it’ll help your product last longer and save you immediate expenses. Sometimes ‘quantity’ is ‘quality’ sometimes it’s not; at other times ‘expensive’ doesn’t exactly mean ‘best’. Be sure during your experimentation periods to try out cheaper products, or ones in smaller or larger quantities, you’ll be surprised!

“Desperate” and “Spineless” Politicians Out to Sponsor Mass Protests against me – Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki who is facing trial for false declaration of assets when he was at the helm of affairs in Kwara State has come out to bring to public notice over alleged plot by some politicians to sponsor mass protests against him to force him to resign.

The nation’s third citizen whose name was listed in the infamous #PanamaPapers leak said that the politicians are “already distributing money and other materials to some faceless civil society Organisations, market men and women associations and other shadowy groups with a view to instigate demonstrations in Lagos, Abuja and Ilorin starting from Monday, April 11”

The statement signed by Saraki’s Special Adviser (Media and Publicity), Yusuph Olaniyonu, read in part:

They believe that the on-going trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal provides them the opportunity to stampede Dr. Saraki out of office so that their defeated objective of getting their lackey into the office of Senate President will be realized. This is another desperate move by these spineless politicians to achieve through the back door what they failed to realize on the floor of the Senate.

We are alerting members of the public to the antics of these desperate politicians which may result into breach of public peace, order and health. Dr. Saraki is a peace-loving and law abiding politician. The trial at the CCT is just beginning and while the prosecution’s witness has started giving evidence, he is yet to be cross-examined by the defence team. The defence has also not opened its own case. We urge members of the public to patiently wait for the conclusion of the case.

Since the fundamental principle of our legal system is that an accused person is presumed innocent until he is found guilty, Dr. Saraki will not allow any distraction to take him away from his responsibility as President of the Senate and Chairman of the National Assembly.

I know Nigerians are questioning if this is the “change” they voted for, but don’t despair – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has commended Nigerians for their perseverance while urging them not to lose confidence in the ability of his administration to bring about the change they so much desire.
The president stated this at the 2015 Vanguard Awards in Lagos on Friday night, where he was honoured with the Personality of the Year Award 2015.
The President, who was represented by the Minister of Information and Culture,Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said that he was keenly aware of the difficulties that Nigerians were facing, especially as a result of the fuel scarcity, poor power supply and inflation.
“As a government that was propelled into office by the power of the people, we cannot but feel the pains of our compatriots, and we deeply empathise with them.
We are working round the clock to ease the pains of Nigerians, and the effort of the government has started yielding fruits.
We seek to make the petroleum products available nationwide, restore gas supply to the power generating firms, improve the economy and put Nigerians back to work,’’ he said.
The president said that he understood that Nigerians had started questioning whether this indeed was the ‘Change’ they voted for.
He said that some had even gone as far as saying that by voting for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigerians had entered “One Chance”.
“Well, I can tell Nigerians that our change agenda is real, and that indeed, they will get the change they voted for.
Nigerians have not entered ‘One Chance’, because the ‘One Chance’ drivers and their conductors have been driven out of town.
Change is a process, and that process has begun. The pains of today are temporary, and will soon give way to abundant joy as we put our country firmly on the path of sustainable growth and development,” he said.
The President said that all Nigerians, the civil society organisations and the media were the real heroes of the last general elections and the country’s democracy in general.
He commended the media for the role it played in ensuring the relative success of the last general elections and the resilience of the nation’s democracy since the beginning of the Republic.
“When the history of the last general elections as well as our democracy is eventually written, I have no doubt that the media will occupy a prominent place on its honour’s list.
This is not a surprise because there is no contesting the fact that from the pre-independence years through the years of independence, the various attempts at democratic governance and the years of military interregnum, the media has stood solidly on the side of the people.
“It has fought for the national interest without compromising its integrity,” the President said.
In bestowing the honour on the President, the Vanguard described him as “a living example of what tenacity, fortitude, and perseverance meant in human experience.”
“Until future experience proves otherwise, Buhari is the closest yet that Nigeria will have to America’s Abraham Lincoln” it said.

First Photos: Yemi Alade, Waje, Frank Donga, Vanessa Mdee, Efya, Ikechukwu & more at UBA CEO Awards

Yemi Alade
The 9th edition of the annual UBA CEO Awards held Saturday night in Lagos where the stars and CEOs (of course) showed up in style, including Tony Elumelu and his beautiful wife Awele.
The awards were given to star performers of the bank for their exemplary performance, in Nigeria and beyond.
Guests included international African singers Tanzanian Vanessa Mdee, Ghanaian Efya, Waje, Ikechukwu, Yemi Alade, actor Frank Donga (Kunle Idowu), designer Ayo van Elmar, host of The Sauce – Seyitan, Tomi Odunsi and more.
Here are first photos.
Yemi Alade at UBA CEO Awards
Waje - UBA CEO Awards
Frank Donga
Frank Donga
Vanessa Mdee and Salha Kibwana
Vanessa Mdee and Salha Kibwana
Efya, Vanessa Mdee, Salha Kibwana at UBA CEO Awards
Efya, Vanessa Mdee, Salha Kibwana
Seyitan - Host of The Sauce on Red TV
Seyitan – Host of The Sauce on Red TV
Tomi Odunsi
Tomi Odunsi
Designer Ayo van Elmar
Designer Ayo van Elmar
Tony Elumelu, Seyitan of the Sauce, Awele Elumelu
Tony Elumelu, Seyitan of the Sauce, Awele Elumelu

Listen to Jennifer Lopez’ New Single “Ain’t Your Mama”

Jennifer Lopez has a new single out now titled “Ain’t Your Mama“.
The song is described as being “about refusing to let your man get away with acting like a baby because you sure as heck aren’t going to take care of him as if you’re his mama because you’ve got things to do, sends an empowering message reminiscent of Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband”—which makes perfect sense, since Trainor also wrote “Ain’t Your Mama.
Check it out.
Watch JLo perform the song on American Idol

Paul Okoye showing off his living room(luxury)

Paul Okoye of Psquare said he is trying to finish up a movie before
jetting to Abuja..Nice living room!

Juliet Ibrahim sparkles as host of the 2015 Glo CAF Awards(Photos)

The stunning Ghanaian actress is co-hosting the Glo CAF  Awards alongside Dbanj tonight..This is her first look as styled by Jeremiah Ogbodo of Swanky Signature styling ..


John Dumelo shares his views on how to treat women

Ghanaian star actor, John Dumelo penned down his view on how to treat women …He shared them on his instagram page and
I must say, he is spot on..Read below

My view on how to treat women.
1.Don’t compare your wife to other women. You don’t know what their husbands are going through.

2. NEVER expose your wife’s weakness to your family or friends or run to them whenever you have issues. Problems are best solved between you and your woman.

3. Don’t think you are man so you can use intimidation, shout or violence to communicate your moods. Agreesive men don’t make a happy home.

4. Speak gently and calmly to your wife. Never raise your voice at her, it demeans her and shows you think she is stupid.
5. Do your responsibilities as man…don’t leave every to your woman.

6. Never blame your wife if she doesn’t take care of the home everyday. She is swamped with house work and helping you raise the kids.

7. Don’t be wasteful spending money on drinks, friends and extended family.The wife and children are your first responsibility.

8. Sex is also important to women. Her pleasure should be considered before your own.
9. Never compare your wife to your ex-girlfriends. If you loved them so much why didn’t you marry them instead of your wife.

10. Never shout down your wife or challenge her in front of the children. The children are watching. They won’t listen and obey her too.

11. Tell your wife she’s beautiful even if you know she’s looking normal. Women love compliment.

12. Don’t forget that women also want attention and someone to share their thougts with. Never be too busy for your wife.

13. A prayerful man is a better equipped husband. Pray always for your wife and family. Don’t leave the prayers to your wife.

14.Treat your wife like a queen. Buy her gifts, take her shopping and once in a while, cook for her.

15.Please don’t forget your these anniversary dates. Wedding ,engagement,the first time you kissed. I beg you. These dates mean a lot to women. (Don’t ask me why). I also don’t know.

16. Your mother should not have the final say in your marriage. You married your wife, not you and your mother. Let her talk in her own husband’s house.

17.There are 5 days each month that you have to say “I’m sorry”, “yes baby” and “I love you” more than 7 times a day. That’s when she’s menstrating. #jmelo

I never mentioned that I was gay-Denrele Edun

Last week,Denrele Edun, posted a mirror selfie where he was in the bathroom, fully dressed, with a young man who tied a towel round his waist
. He captioned the picture,
 ‘When the side chick is no longer a side chick’.
Many presumed he was trying to come out of the closer .When Saturday Beats met with him at an event, he said that he never said he was gay and that he was only fooling around with the picture. He also identified who the young man in the towel is.He said

“I never said I was gay, people are just used to jumping into conclusion. I was only messing around in the picture that went viral. I am not coming out of any closet or wardrobe. The young man in the picture is actually my cousin,” he said.

This Naija Boy Graduated with First Class after 17 Carry-Overs

The Internet was abuzz on Saturday after the story of a student, Hillary Agbo-Odeh, who graduated with flying colours against all
the odds, went viral.

According to an online medium, Idoma Voice, 30-year-old Agbo-Odeh completed his Psychology programme in Benue State University with a first-class degree after no less than 17 failed courses as an undergraduate.

The Idoma native reportedly completed his secondary education in 2003 before applying for a pre-degree course at BSU in 2005 with the hope of studying Medicine and Surgery.

Though Agbo-Odeh was said to have emerged as 
one of the best in the remedial programme that year, he was offered admission to study Physics instead.
It said, “In frustration, he took the plunge and settled with the Physics (programme) he was offered with little interest in the course. He struggled with the course due to lack of interest. It wasn’t surprising at all that he could not cope with studies as frustration and depression set in his academic pursuit.
“Agbo-Odeh was at his lowest ebb in his final year when his 300-level result was published. He was at the bottom of his class crawling with 17 carry-overs; he was placed on probation by the school authority. He became the subject of mockery in the school among his colleagues.
“Hilary came to a decision point: ‘Why stay here and be withdrawn?’ He told himself the hard truth, it was time to move forward regardless of the storms.”

The online medium added that Agbo-Odeh then picked a new form for the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board Exams and applied for Psychology, which he considered to be closely related to Medicine.

“By the second semester of his final year (as a Physics student), the JAMB admission (list) was out and he was admitted to study Psychology. Hence, he withdrew from the Physics Department and started a fresh academic journey in the department of Psychology.

“The young resilient Idoma boy from Ohimini, the worst student in Physics, with 17 carry-overs to his name, would graduate from the Psychology Department of the same university with a cumulative grade point average of 4.57.

“His outstanding performance broke many records in the university, including the pioneer first class in the Psychology Department since the university’s inception in 1992. He also became the overall best graduating student of the 14th and 15th combined convocation of BSU held on January 17, 2015. His exploits came with several rewards, he bagged seven academic awards including the Tony and Awele Elumelu Prize for 

Couple’s intimate hospital reunion after surviving car crash goes melts hearts

An intimate photo showing the moment a couple embrace for the first time after a horrific car crash has melted hearts of thousands of well-wishers online.
Arika Stovall and Hunter Hanks, both 21, from Nashville, Tennessee, survived a crash after Hunter’s truck veered off the road and slammed into a bridge on New Years Day.
The touching picture of the two taken by a friend and posted to Facebook has now been shared over 77,000 times on Facebook.
Arika said in her Facebook post
“I’m overwhelmed at how little damage was done to Hunter and I in a wreck that should have chopped our bodies in half,”“When we were both lying in our beds in the ER he (Hanks) found a way to come protect my heart and give me a hug.”
A close friend of the couple Savannah Gaines, who snapped the touching moment, told CNN :
 “It was unbelievable when they saw each other.
“I know them so well, and they love each other so much. They were completely blessed to walk away from that.”
Arika also says that in the dark moments after the life-changing crash she was visited by a “guardian angel” she described as a man bright with a big white beard. 
“I jumped out of the car, ran over to Hunters side and just looked at this man,’ she wrote.
“From that moment until Hunter was cut & lifted out of the truck I believe with my whole heart that looking at this man helped me to literally believe in that moment that Hunter was next to me on the road.
“I don’t know if it was a hallucination or me unconsciously dreaming or a glimpse of heaven…but all I knew in that moment was that Hunter was safe with me.
“This man..looking at him for a short moment..helped me not witness Hunter being peeled out of the truck. I believe if I saw that I would have had a heart attack.”

These Photos Should motivate You….



Chaiiii! Amber Rose & Blac Chyna put their MASSIVE Yansh on display(Photos)


Must Read: The Cleaning Lady… Part 6

A story written by Metalgear… (5C350257)

Kunle thought of Sheila frequently throughout the week, unable to get that perfect body out of his mind. She was gradually beginning to replace Lara in his mind. She was so carefree, jovial, happy and innocent, though a bit naïve to the world. One night, he dreamed of her. He was in his room when she came in, naked as the day she was born. “I want you to take me” she had told him. His clothes had somehow disappeared and she had suddenly appeared on top of him. He could see her tits swaying in front of him. He had reached out to grab and caress them and he felt her hand gliding up and down his throbbing shaft. He groaned as she straddled him. In his mind’s eye he buried his face between her breasts as she guided her smooth cunt onto his erection. In his dream, he began to thrust into her, the pressure in his balls soon increasing and becoming unbearable. Groaning, he came hard, jerking awake as he ejaculated. Something that had not happened to him in a long while, in spite of his condition. “I’ve been thinking too much about this girl” he told himself. He groaned softly, rose and seeing that it was nearly time to get up, went ahead and padded to the shower to clean up and prepare for work.
Lara sat quietly at her desk, stacks of paperwork in front of her. She clicked through the report aimlessly on her desktop computer, her thoughts elsewhere. Her mind wasn’t at peace. It had been almost two months since the incident at her house where she rained insults on Kunle, her now ex-fiancé. Her mind kept replaying the look on his face. She thought she was over him, but since that day she was surprised to find out that she thought about him all the time. She finally came to the conclusion that deep down in her heart, the fire for him she thought she had extinguished had somehow still been flickering. She longed to see him again but her pride and shame had held her back from getting in touch with him. Several times she had reached out and keyed in the 11-digit number she had memorized by heart on her phone, but she just couldn’t hit the dial button. Even right now she was staring at the phone in her palm.
Dupe knocked on her door, an important looking file in her hand. She laid the file down with a smack right in front of Lara, jolting her back to the present.
“Lara, o ni pa ara e nitori okunrin. You will not kill yourself because of this guy. I thought you were already over him” she said.
“Ore mi, will you blame me? I don’t know why, but I keep missing him every day.”
“Miss tani? Will you stop this trash talk? You said it yourself. He is no longer in your class. Let him be. Concentrate on your current beau. He doesn’t deserve this.”
“But Dupe what can I do? I thought I was over him. If not for his condition, I wouldn’t be with Charles.”
“So na because of prick you fashi the poor boy abi? Ashewo oshi. Abeg forget the guy and face Charles jare.”
“Dupe please help me” Lara pleaded. “I don’t know what to do.”
Dupe sighed and sat down, looking at her unhappy friend and pal.
“The way you insulted Kunle, and in front of so many people, no man in his right senses will ever want to take such a woman back. You hit his ego, his pride, his manhood. I told you it was too much. You should at least have been courteous.”
“One can never tell the heart though. I’m sure with the kind of embarrassment you gave him, he would have somehow found a way to deal with his problem. He wouldn’t want to disappoint another girl, and with the kind of smack you said, his confidence will be low. He would be scared to approach another girl.”
“If this is what you want to do, and it’s against my better judgement, what I’ll advise you to do is try see him. He may reject you at first, but if it’s the Kunle I know, after you’ve loved up to him and showed you are really sorry, he may take you back. But its going to be difficult.”
“Just give him a call and tell him you want to see him. At least here you out and apologize.”
“Thanks Dupe. I know I could trust you. Please don’t let Charles know about this.”
“Ewo lo kan mi? I have my own relationship issues to sort out. If you like make you date two men. Just be ready to satisfy both of them.”
Lara laughed and relaxed in her chair, feeling like a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

To Be Continued…

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Must Read: The Cleaning Lady… Part 5

A story written by Metalgear… (5C350257)

That night Kunle couldn’t sleep. He had to go to the toilet more than five times. By the next morning, he was so weak. He had to call out sick. But he still used his herbs religiously. By the third day his body had gotten used to it. His lower back no longer felt weak and for the first time in months, he was having morning wood.
Saturday morning, he was relaxing in bed watching a Premiership match when he heard the movement of a cart being dragged along the pathway outside. He quickly jumped out of bed and looked out the window. He was so happy to see it was Sheila. He quickly threw on a shirt and ran outside.
“Sheila. Where have you been?” he asked her.
She looked up at him at the sound of her name, a frown on her face. She hissed and began to push her cart away. Kunle quickly moved to where she was and held onto her arm.
“Sheila please. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all those things to you. Please, I beg you.” He pleaded.
Sheila just stood there. She didn’t respond nor did she turn to face him. Kunle prodded more.
“I know I hurt you so much with my words, but I shouldn’t have. I was going through some emotional issues. At least let me explain to you.”
He led her into his room and sat her down. For the next half hour he talked, telling her about Lara, his problem, how he went to apologize to her, and the emotional insults he received. When he finished she sighed. She removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes.
“So you went through all that and you didn’t tell me.” She finally answered, the first words she would speak to him since the day she left his room crying.
“I’m so sorry Sheila. I was an emotional wreck. I wasn’t thinking properly.”
“You should have at least told me instead of yelling on me like that.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Look I like you. I like you a lot. But what you did that day broke my heart. I had sworn I wasn’t going to come back here anymore, but I had no choice. I’m still pissed off at you, and its going to take a while before I get over it.”
“Is there anyway I can make it up to you?”
“No. I will get over it eventually.”
“Sheila please. I don’t want you to hate me. I want to be your friend. Please forgive me and forget it” Kunle pleaded, going down on his knees infront of her.
She sighed and averted her eyes from his gaze. Her bust rose gently to her breathing.
“Sheila…please…I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again. At least tell me I’m forgiven.”
“Okay I forgive you” she replied bashfully.
He held out his hands, inviting her for a hug. She lowered herself into his embrace, squashing her breasts into his chest. He caressed her back and gave her a small peck on her cheek. He felt her fist slam into his back and he howled in pain.
“And none of that. It’s too early.” She replied.
She stood up and looked at her wristwatch. “I have to go now. Maybe if im not too tired I’ll come around and help you arrange here a bit. This place is messy.”
“I have counter proposal.” Kunle offered. “Why don’t you help me clean here one in a while, and I pay you for it?”
She thought about it. “Well it depends on what you are offering.”
“I’ll pay you 5k for a month, if you come twice a week.”
“6k and I’ll consider your offer.”
They settled for 5k every Saturday. That meant she would have to shift her Saturday schedule to Friday. She thanked him wiggled and bounced her way out the door.

For the next couple of weekends she came over to his place for a couple of hours and helped him clean up. She cleaned his kitchen, scrubbed his bathroom, she even did his laundry once. The only issue he had was her. She would come all dressed proper but once she got in, she always changed to some tight clothes that emphasized her curves. Called them her “work clothes” or something. Her boobs always bounced and he had a hard time not staring. She caught him once ogling her and waved her brush at him. There was a time she wore a pair of bum shorts and a low cut t-shirt so tight it seemed they were painted on. Her breasts were almost spilling out of the shirt as she bent over and scrubbed in her merriment. The sight of her breasts, smooth thighs and round arse were becoming too much for him and he had to step outside for a minute to breathe. Wow. This girl is hot!!! Lara will pale in comparison beside her. Lara. He chuckled. He hadn’t thought about her in a while. He remembered the good times they had together before success and money got into her head. Lara. Well, that’s a part of his life he decided to close. He was already getting over her already and felt that…….
“Kunle, you okay?” Sheila sked. He was so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized she was bent over staring at him, a gloved hand waving in his face. He jolted back into reality.
“Oh Sheila. I’m sorry. I was lost in thought.”
“You were thinking of her right?”
“Lara ke? Why would I think of Lara when I have a more beautiful younger version in front of me?”
“Version? Do I look like a piece of software to you?” she replied with a playful frown on her face.
Kunle glanced down her shirt and down her deep cleavage. She caught his glance, looked down, and stood upright.
“You like ogling me right?”
He bit his lip. “Well you give me no choice, with all the clothes you wear.”
“Do you want me to stop wearing them? I could if they are that distracting.”
“I didn’t say so. I just pray one day you don’t cause an accident on the highway.”
She laughed. “A friend of mine told me once that if she were a man, she would have raped me. Do you feel the same way?”
“Why would I want to rape you? Rape is not the word.”
“Okay what’s the right word then?”
“Sheila, will you let me be?”
“You started it first by looking down my shirt.”
“Okay. Sorry. I will try not to look again.”
“Anyways I wanted to ask if you want me to cook anything for you. I found some iced fish in your freezer.”
“No don’t worry, I’m fine.”
“Okay. I will just go change and be off then.”
She walked away to get ready to leave.
“By the way” Kunle said.
“Your breasts are very round and lovely” he replied in response to her unasked question.
She beamed and walked away, swaying her hips and laughing at the expression on his face.
“Kunle, you are an ashawo. You no dey see woman for face?” she said, batting her eyelids at him like a puppy.
“If you know how much I’ve been trying to control myself from pouncing on you, you will not be talking like that.” he murmured.
“What’s that?”

To Be Continued…

Must Read: The Cleaning Lady… Part 4

A story written by Metalgear… (5C350257)

Sheila didn’t show up for work the next Tuesday. Neither did she come on Thursday, and even Saturday. He didn’t know how to get in touch with her. He didn’t even have her phone number. He felt bad the way he had yelled on her. It wasn’t her fault that Lara treated him like trash. He should have kept his emotions in check. Well, he thought as he was coming back from work on Monday, things happen. He just had to get over it and move on with his life. And in order to do this, he had to deal with his problem.
The bus dropped him and other passengers and he made his way dejectedly towards Mummy Akosua’s stall.
“Madam good afternoon.” He greeted her.
“Good afternoon customer.” She responded.
He sat down and played a bit with her kids. She placed a plate of food infront of him and he began to eat absentmindedly.
“Oga why your face come strong like this?”
“Madam, na stress of work jare.”
“Take am easy oh. You are still a young man.”
“Yeah, a young man who cannot perform” he thought.
“Madam, do you know where I can get local medicine to cure opaeyin?” he asked without thinking.
Mama Akosua laughed. “Is your girlfriend complaining?”
He felt ashamed.
“Anyways if you want something strong, I have one friend who usually comes by. She should even be here by now. She sells herbs for back pain, low libido, and other things. Maybe you can wait and ask her.” She said with a twinkle in her eye.
“Mommy, what is Opeayin” Akosua’s brother asked.
“Will you shut your mouth there?” her mother scolded him.
About 10 minutes later a rotund woman with a big bowl of stuff balanced on her head came walking by. The two women greeted and Mummy Akosua pointed him out.
“This young man needs something.”
She looked at him. ”Customer, what do you need? I have everything.”
“Well” kunle said, scratching his head, “I need something for…you know….weak erection” he whispered in embarrassment.
“Oh, your madam dey vex abi? Okay don’t woryy. I have something here for you.”
She dug out a bottle of herbs and handed it to him.
“Just soak these in any hot gin overnight. Drink just half a cup every two days. You will shit the whole thing out and I promise you will not be disappointed. You will come and thank me afterwards.”
Smiling sheepishly, he handed her the 1500 naira she requested for.
“Remember” she warned “just use it small small. The thing is very strong.”
“Thank you ma.” Kunle responded.

to be continued

Friday, 8 April 2016

Wow: Check Out 5 Ways To Become More Desirable To Your Husband – 3 And 4 Very Informative

Often times life after marriage gets in the way of the relationship between you and your spouse. You may notice your partner is not really interested in you as he was initially and your sex life is dying slowly.
You can always turn things around by revamping your life, get back on track and focus on that trait that made him fall in-love with you in the first place. The truth is that he can only love you as much as you love yourself.
Here are 5 ways you can try to spice up your life once again according to Huffington Post:
1. Leave the house: We don’t mean you should pack up your stuffs and exit the door. Get out and do exciting things that’ll bring back color to your life. DInner with friends, dance classes, anything that allows you enjoy yourself.
2. Look for your passion: Your passion about things may be what made him fall in love with you in the first place. Go find it during your free time, dig up your interests – art, music, you name it.
3. Be fashionable to please you: Spend extra time to make yourself look pretty and sexy. Trust us, he’ll notice.
4. Do fun things with your family: Make out time for your family. Families that play together, stay together. Engage your husband and children in fun activities within and outside your community.
5. Enjoy being alone: However you can, enjoy yourself. It’s okay to seek your husband’s company, don’t feel too bad if he rejects. When you enjoy being alone, you feel good about yourself. Never fail to tell your partner how you feel about your relationship.