Saturday, 9 April 2016

Must Read: The Cleaning Lady… Part 5

A story written by Metalgear… (5C350257)

That night Kunle couldn’t sleep. He had to go to the toilet more than five times. By the next morning, he was so weak. He had to call out sick. But he still used his herbs religiously. By the third day his body had gotten used to it. His lower back no longer felt weak and for the first time in months, he was having morning wood.
Saturday morning, he was relaxing in bed watching a Premiership match when he heard the movement of a cart being dragged along the pathway outside. He quickly jumped out of bed and looked out the window. He was so happy to see it was Sheila. He quickly threw on a shirt and ran outside.
“Sheila. Where have you been?” he asked her.
She looked up at him at the sound of her name, a frown on her face. She hissed and began to push her cart away. Kunle quickly moved to where she was and held onto her arm.
“Sheila please. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all those things to you. Please, I beg you.” He pleaded.
Sheila just stood there. She didn’t respond nor did she turn to face him. Kunle prodded more.
“I know I hurt you so much with my words, but I shouldn’t have. I was going through some emotional issues. At least let me explain to you.”
He led her into his room and sat her down. For the next half hour he talked, telling her about Lara, his problem, how he went to apologize to her, and the emotional insults he received. When he finished she sighed. She removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes.
“So you went through all that and you didn’t tell me.” She finally answered, the first words she would speak to him since the day she left his room crying.
“I’m so sorry Sheila. I was an emotional wreck. I wasn’t thinking properly.”
“You should have at least told me instead of yelling on me like that.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Look I like you. I like you a lot. But what you did that day broke my heart. I had sworn I wasn’t going to come back here anymore, but I had no choice. I’m still pissed off at you, and its going to take a while before I get over it.”
“Is there anyway I can make it up to you?”
“No. I will get over it eventually.”
“Sheila please. I don’t want you to hate me. I want to be your friend. Please forgive me and forget it” Kunle pleaded, going down on his knees infront of her.
She sighed and averted her eyes from his gaze. Her bust rose gently to her breathing.
“Sheila…please…I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again. At least tell me I’m forgiven.”
“Okay I forgive you” she replied bashfully.
He held out his hands, inviting her for a hug. She lowered herself into his embrace, squashing her breasts into his chest. He caressed her back and gave her a small peck on her cheek. He felt her fist slam into his back and he howled in pain.
“And none of that. It’s too early.” She replied.
She stood up and looked at her wristwatch. “I have to go now. Maybe if im not too tired I’ll come around and help you arrange here a bit. This place is messy.”
“I have counter proposal.” Kunle offered. “Why don’t you help me clean here one in a while, and I pay you for it?”
She thought about it. “Well it depends on what you are offering.”
“I’ll pay you 5k for a month, if you come twice a week.”
“6k and I’ll consider your offer.”
They settled for 5k every Saturday. That meant she would have to shift her Saturday schedule to Friday. She thanked him wiggled and bounced her way out the door.

For the next couple of weekends she came over to his place for a couple of hours and helped him clean up. She cleaned his kitchen, scrubbed his bathroom, she even did his laundry once. The only issue he had was her. She would come all dressed proper but once she got in, she always changed to some tight clothes that emphasized her curves. Called them her “work clothes” or something. Her boobs always bounced and he had a hard time not staring. She caught him once ogling her and waved her brush at him. There was a time she wore a pair of bum shorts and a low cut t-shirt so tight it seemed they were painted on. Her breasts were almost spilling out of the shirt as she bent over and scrubbed in her merriment. The sight of her breasts, smooth thighs and round arse were becoming too much for him and he had to step outside for a minute to breathe. Wow. This girl is hot!!! Lara will pale in comparison beside her. Lara. He chuckled. He hadn’t thought about her in a while. He remembered the good times they had together before success and money got into her head. Lara. Well, that’s a part of his life he decided to close. He was already getting over her already and felt that…….
“Kunle, you okay?” Sheila sked. He was so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized she was bent over staring at him, a gloved hand waving in his face. He jolted back into reality.
“Oh Sheila. I’m sorry. I was lost in thought.”
“You were thinking of her right?”
“Lara ke? Why would I think of Lara when I have a more beautiful younger version in front of me?”
“Version? Do I look like a piece of software to you?” she replied with a playful frown on her face.
Kunle glanced down her shirt and down her deep cleavage. She caught his glance, looked down, and stood upright.
“You like ogling me right?”
He bit his lip. “Well you give me no choice, with all the clothes you wear.”
“Do you want me to stop wearing them? I could if they are that distracting.”
“I didn’t say so. I just pray one day you don’t cause an accident on the highway.”
She laughed. “A friend of mine told me once that if she were a man, she would have raped me. Do you feel the same way?”
“Why would I want to rape you? Rape is not the word.”
“Okay what’s the right word then?”
“Sheila, will you let me be?”
“You started it first by looking down my shirt.”
“Okay. Sorry. I will try not to look again.”
“Anyways I wanted to ask if you want me to cook anything for you. I found some iced fish in your freezer.”
“No don’t worry, I’m fine.”
“Okay. I will just go change and be off then.”
She walked away to get ready to leave.
“By the way” Kunle said.
“Your breasts are very round and lovely” he replied in response to her unasked question.
She beamed and walked away, swaying her hips and laughing at the expression on his face.
“Kunle, you are an ashawo. You no dey see woman for face?” she said, batting her eyelids at him like a puppy.
“If you know how much I’ve been trying to control myself from pouncing on you, you will not be talking like that.” he murmured.
“What’s that?”

To Be Continued…

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