Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Project for Human Development raises alarm over abortion plans by UNFPA

Project for Human Development raises alarm over abortion plans by UNFPA

At a press conference in Lagos, Director- General of a PRO-LIFE non-governmental organisation, The Project for Human Development, PHD, Jerry Okwuosa raised an alarm over alleged plans by the United Nations Population Funds, UNFPA, to reduce the Nigerian population by offering abortion services to pregnant women and girls recently rescued from Boko Haram by the Nigerian Armed Forces.

He condemned any attempt to subject the pregnant women and girls in the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, camps to a traumatic, violent-wrecking and life-threatening abortion process. Okwuosa who accused UNFPA of having hidden intentions which is to reduce the population of Nigeria said:
 “We are aware that currently UNFPA is providing counselling to these Nigerians in the displacement camps in Borno State.

Also reproductive health kits and dignity kits have also been deployed in Borno and Adamawa states to support safe childbirth. These are laudable achievements but at a hidden cost he said.

“We are being told that all the visibly pregnant mothers in the IDP, camp must be aborted and others sterilised for fear that their babies will become Boko Haram terrorists, since some of them have been raped by the sect. UNFPA’s abortion and sterilisation services are geared towards depopulation,” he posited. “The UNFPA is an organisation whose primary interest is population control. In the developed countries of the world now in their demographic winter, UNFPA’s job is to promote population increase by all means.
He further stated that developed countries will do anything to increase their population because they are dying out.

Mr Sonnie Ekwuwusi, a director in the organization agreed with Okwuosa'ssentiments stating that the appointment of former Minister of Health, Professor Babatunde Osotimehin as Director General of UNFPA was aimed at making Nigerians and Africa as a whole buy into the idea of depopulation

Ekwuwusi however condemned any attempt to subject these pregnant women and girls in the IDPs to a traumatic, violent-wrecking and life-threatening abortion processes. 
He recommended:
“The pregnant girls and women should be offered free ante- natal clinics and rehabilitation centres where they could go to safely give birth to their babies and afterwards they could give them out for legal adoption if for any reason they do not want to keep the babies,”.
The Guardian.

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