Thursday, 28 May 2015

“Shut up sometimes”: Fiddy to Iggy!

“Shut up sometimes”: Fiddy to Iggy!

Why so many hip-hop fans are disappointed with Iggy Azalea winning the awards for Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Song at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards is still a mystery. It’s important we understand the award process: the BBMAs are based on the year-end chart performance of the artists according to Nielsen data for sales, number of downloads and total airplay. In other words, it’s all about statistics, not the subjective opinion of a voting academy.

In an interview with BET, 50 addressed the Iggy issue and agreed the she deserved them, especially because her music was doing well all over the charts.

But he also shared some friendly advice stating that, “She gotta learn what I learned. Just shut up sometimes. You don’t have to answer everything.”

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