Friday, 29 May 2015

Yvonne Nelson Talks On Her Fight With John Dumelo

Yvonne Nelson Talks On Her Fight With John Dumelo

The two Ghanaian actors had a very publicised fight on social media. The agreement, which occurred over the Yvonne Nelson-led protest against shabby power supply in Ghana. The actor who was absent at the protest was said to have defended the president of Ghana, a move which made the furious actress call Dumelo a ‘kiss ass’.

However, the beautiful actress and entreprenuer talked about the disagreement on Y107.9FM, a popular radio station in Ghana, saying:
“I’m sure everyone knows John will forever be my baby boo, love, friend, best friend… charley I can go on and on. Chaley I love John oh, we were not fighting, it was just some little child’s play on social media. So me and John we are good, don’t get worried and don’t get scared. His an amazing guy, I don’t think he is in Ghana now. When he comes I know he is going to say all the nice things about me. Me and John we are homies, we are Fantes.
“It’s just the campaign or whatever that started this but let’s not go there. Because I think the a*s kissing tweet wasn’t too bad for him to react that way because I normally tell him he feels like a hundred donkeys and hundred chickens and he is cool. We play like that and we have that relationship. It’s all political.
Defending the fact that she angrily deleted the actor’s photos on her Instagram account during the heat of the fight, Yvonne said that she occasionally deletes some of her Instagram photos.
Not long ago, Ghanaians recently pleaded with award-winning actress and actor, yvonne nelson and John Dumelo, to get married, cosidering their public shows of affection that have accompanied their friendship.

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