Wednesday, 3 June 2015

National Assembly Members to leave office with 109 SUVs, 360 Toyota Camry

National Assembly Members to leave office with 109 SUVs, 360 Toyota Camry

Members of the outgoing 7th National Assembly will be taking along with them, 109 jeeps and 360 exotic cars provided as operational vehicles given to them when they assumed office as legislators.

The cars, 109 Prado Landcrusiers for Senators and 360 Toyota Camry 2011 model, are supposed to be returned to management of the National Assembly before the week runs out but according to an agreement reached with the National Assembly management, the Senators and the House of Reps members will pay 30% of the original cost of the cars so that those interested can keep the cars. The 30% will be deducted from their severance pay. 

A member of the National Assembly Management team who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said
"The cars have been used for four years, so this valuation has taken cognizance of the years of depreciation. The vehicles are not taken away free of charge and as a matter of fact, it is optional. A lawmaker who does not want to go with the vehicle will submit it to the National Assembly and it will be so documented. The deduction will be done from their severance package at source, which makes it easier. It is a practice that has been on over the years". 
According to the source, the National Assembly Members were in 2011 when they assumed office for another tenure, given 300% from their salaries as loans for cars, 250%  as Furniture loans and 300% as housing loans.
 Lawmakers who took car loans worked out a plan with their banks where their salaries were being paid for the banks to automatically deduct a percentage from their salaries to pay their car loans. 
According to the source
“The loans were obtained for the lawmakers through the banks where their salary accounts are domiciled, hence the bankers usually deduct certain percentage agreed upon from their monthly payments to service the car, housing and furniture loans.”he said
Deputy House Majority Leader,   Leo Ogor, confirmed the report and said they will take their operational vehicles away if they want to but will pay some money for the car.
“I don’t know what the amount will be; but I know that the cars are not for free. The management of the National Assembly will work it out and communicate to members accordingly”, he said.

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