Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 12

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
For some strange reason, Sue suddenly felt
very submissive. It wasn’t like her to play
that role. However, at the moment, it felt
right. She moaned submissively and let her
son pound into her mouth. As his movement
grew more rapid, saliva began to drip from
the corners of her stretched mouth.
Tommy’s legs were spread wide and his
knees slightly bent as he moved rapidly in
and out of her mother’s willing mouth. His
fingers were curled tightly in her hair as he
moved almost violently in and out. It was a
strange feeling of power to Tommy. He was
in control.
Within seconds, Tommy felt his balls begin
to tighten. He was ready to c—-x far too
soon. Suddenly, Tommy pulled away from
his mother. He let go of her hair and
grabbed his s—t at the base. He was going
to try to stop the c—-x like she had taught
him. However, when he looked down and
saw her face looking at him expectantly, he
knew that he couldn’t hold back any longer.
Sue’s breath was coming in great gasps. Her
eyes were opened wide as she stared at her
son’s quivering penis as she sat back on her
haunches and waited.
Tommy could feel his sperm backing up as
he held his penis tightly at the base.
Suddenly, he bellowed and eased the
pressure on the base. His sperm flew out
with such force that it arched across his
mother’s head, landing in her hair. The next
blast hit her directly in the face, splattering
on her forehead and dripping to her cheek.
Then another blast hurtled toward her.
Sue closed her eyes and squeezed her
thighs together as her own c—-x began.
Her s-x lips throbbed with pleasure as she
felt her son’s juice continue to cover her
face. She held her face out to the spray as if
she were in the shower, loving the warm
Amazingly, Tommy’s c—-x seemed to go on
and on, covering his mother’s face and
splattering on her white blouse and skirt.
Finally, as his c—-x dwindled, his legs
weakened and he fell back into the chair.
Through hooded eyes, he saw his mother
scraping his c-m from her face and putting
it into her mouth.

to be continued.....

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