Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 21

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
Tommy practically leaped from his chair and
tossed the pills in the trashcan. He hurried
back to the table and pulled his mother to
her feet. She now had tears streaming down
her cheeks. Mother and son kissed tenderly,
holding each other tight.
Suddenly, Tommy pulled away from his mom
and went down to one knee.
“Mom, I know this is silly and that we can
never really be married but my love and
commitment to you is as strong as any
marriage has ever been. I would love to
father your child,” Tommy said, tears
streaming down his cheeks.
Sue pulled her son to his feet and looked
into his eyes. “Oh God Tommy, are you sure
you know what you’re saying?”
“Mom, I love you more than I thought I could
ever love anyone. You are everything to me
and I would do anything for you. I want this.
I want you to have my baby.”
Mother and son brought their lips together
in the sweetest kiss they had ever had.
Tommy picked his mother up in his arms
and silently carried her to their bed. He laid
her down and quickly stripped and then he
crawled onto the bed next to her. Kissing
her lips, he slowly slipped the straps of her
dress down her arms until her b—–s were
bare. He worked his lips down her neck to
her heaving chest. He s—-d one n—-e and
then the other into his mouth, bringing a
moan from his mother. Then he turned until
his head was between her legs and his
penis was close to her mouth. He heard his
mother moan as she took him in her mouth.
His lips covered her hole and he began to
suck. They worked each other to a fervor
before stopping to strip Sue’s clothes off.
Tommy pushed his mother back on the bed,
took a pillow, and placed it under her hips.
He knew that this would get the deepest
penetration. He knelt between her legs, his
hard penis pulsing above his mom’s waiting
hole. Their eyes locked together.
“Tell me Mom, tell me what you want,”
Tommy said holding his swollen head near
her equally excited hole.
“Please Tommy, f–k your mother. I want
that big c–k deep in my fertile p—y. I want
you to give your mother a baby! f–k me,
please,” Sue whined as she reached down
and spread her juicy lips. “Look at how
ready I am for you. Can you see the juice
running out of me? I want your potent
sperm running out of my p—y all night.”
“Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned, excited by
her nasty words.
Tommy brought his penis to her wet and
open hole. Slowly he placed the head into
the entrance. Both mother and son moaned
as he slid deeply into her. The sensation felt
so much greater because of what they were
going to do; he was going to make his own
mother pregnant. It was the greatest taboo
of all.
Sue felt Tommy begin to move in and out of
her in a slow, steady motion, taking his time,
building the heat and excitement. She
wrapped her legs around her son and
pushed into him. When he touched bottom
it brought another moan from both of them.
“f–k me, f–k me hard. I need it so bad,
please f–k me,” Sue gasped.
Tommy began to pound into his mother like
never before. Sweat began to drip off of him
as he worked his penis rapidly in and out of
her. He could feel his her juice splashing all
over his balls, dripping down to the sheets.
The pounding went on and on. Neither one
of them could get enough of the other.
“I’m getting close Mom. Can I c-m in you?”
“Yes, yes, I’m close, keep f—–g me. Oh
God, oh God, I’m cummmmiiiiinnnngggg,”
Sue screamed pushing her hips up to meet
her son.
“Here it comes Mom, here it comes, take it,
take all my c-m,” Tommy responded, feeling
the force of his load traveling down the
s—t and into his mother’s body. Shot after
shot of potent sperm flowed from Tommy
into his mother. Both were moaning and
shaking as their mutual c—-x flowed from
one body to the other.
Finally, Tommy collapsed in exhaustion on
top of his mother. Their lips met in a final
kiss as they fell off to sleep. Inside his
mother, Tommy’s sperm was beginning the
journey that would change their lives
They had finally crossed the line

THE END!!!!!

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