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Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 4

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
Several days later, Tommy was home alone.
It was a warm afternoon and he had just
finished cutting the grass so he decided to
take a cool shower. He went into the
bathroom, leaving the door carelessly open
and undressed, then stepped into the clear
glass shower stall. He flipped on the shower,
gasping as the cool water hit him. Soon, he
was enjoying the refreshing feeling of the
cold water. As he began to soap himself, he
began to think of his mom. Suddenly, he had
a raging hard on. He soaped his hand and
worked up a lather on his long s—t. His
eyes were closed as he leaned back on the
tile of the shower stall, with a vision of his
beautiful mom in his mind. Just an inch
more, he thought excitedly of the n—-e he
had almost touched.
Sue had decided to take off work early that
day. When she came into the house, she
called out to Tommy. When she didn’t hear
him answer, she figured he might be taking
a nap. She went upstairs to ask him if he
wanted to get a movie for them tonight. As
she walked down the hall, she turned and
looked into the open bathroom. Suddenly,
she stopped in shock. Her eyes were as big
around as saucers when she saw her son in
the shower, his eyes closed and his hand
working up and down on the longest penis
she had ever seen. While she didn’t have
much to compare it to, she knew it was
much longer than Bob’s.
Sue shook her head, and tried to pull herself
away but her legs wouldn’t move. She felt
excitement in the pit of her stomach and a
quivering in her g—n as her eyes stared
transfixed on Tommy’s long penis.
“Oh God, suck me,” Tommy whispered to
himself as he stroked his penis. His breath
was coming in short gasps as he neared his
c—-x. Soon, his hand was flying up and
down, splattering the soapy froth to the tile
below. “Oh yes, yes, suck my c–k Mom,” he
groaned. His long penis throbbed and a
stream of c-m shot from the head,
spattering all the way out of the shower stall
and onto the tile on the bathroom floor.
Sue felt like she was going to pass out as
she watched her son c—-x. She could feel
her s-x lips throbbing and juice was
pouring into her panties. One hand absently
moved up to her b—-t and began to
squeeze it as her legs rubbed together.
For some reason, Tommy opened his eyes.
He gasped when his eyes met his mother’s.
However, it was too late to stop his c—-x.
His hand continued to move on his penis
until there was nothing left in his balls.
Sue gasped and hurried from the doorway.
An hour or so later, Tommy came
downstairs to dinner wearing a pair of
shorts and tank top. He was very nervous
about his mother’s reaction to what she had
obviously seen. He felt like such an idiot
Sue was at the sink when she heard Tommy
come into the kitchen. She had also been
agonizing over the embarrassing mistake as
well. She knew that what Tommy was doing
was perfectly normal. Every young boy
masturbated. However, his words kept
running through her head: ‘Oh yes, yes, suck
my c–k Mom’. A little shiver ran through her
as she turned around and smiled at Tommy.
“Hi sweetie. Dinner will be ready in a
minute.” The smile on her face belied the
turmoil inside. When she saw what her son
was wearing, her eyes lingered. God, he
looks good, she thought. Then her face
turned hot as she remembered the vision of
him standing in the shower with his hard
penis in his hand.
The smile on his mother’s face surprised
Tommy. He was prepared for her to rant and
rage. The tension drained from him when
he saw her bright smile. He sat down at the
table. “So what are we going to do tonight?”
“How about you go out and pick out a
movie for us tonight? But not one of those
‘shootum up’ things,” she added.
“Sounds great.”
Sue brought the food over to the table and
sat down to eat. She knew that she couldn’t
just forget the incident in the shower.
Something like that could have a very
negative impact on a kid, she thought. They
ate in silence until Sue thought of something
to say. She decided that humor had worked
before so she said, “So how was your
shower?” A smile crossed her face.
“Huh!” Tommy said in shock.
“Come on Tommy, I thought we were going
to be honest with each other. I saw you and
I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were in the
“Uh… uh… but I was…” Tommy stuttered.
“I know you were masturbating. All boys do
that. Let’s not make a big deal out of it.
Okay?” Sue kept a smile on her face but
getting the words out was one of the most
difficult things she had ever done. However,
she felt great relief that it was out in the
open. She didn’t think it was necessary to
tell him that she had heard what he said.
“Uh… sure Mom. Uh… I’m sorry too. Next time
I’ll close the door.”
“Don’t worry about it. It’s our home and we
should be able to feel free,” Sue said. “You’re
just a ‘h—y teenager’ anyway, right?” Sue
Tommy had to smile at the repeat of his
words. He laughed too.
Then she added, “You did clean up the floor
didn’t you?”
“Mommmmm!!!” Tommy said and his face
turned bright red.
“Just checking.”
Tommy and his mother finished eating,
continuing to talk about their day as if
nothing had happened.
“Let me clean up the dishes and then get a
shower. You go to the video store and get
something good.”
“Okay,” Tommy said and got up and took the
car keys. Then he walked over and kissed
his mother’s lips lightly and said, “I might
stop over Shawn’s first. I’ll be back in a little
while. Love you Mom.”
“Love you too sweetie. Be careful.”
Sue cleaned up the dishes and went to take
a shower. When she walked into the
bathroom, she felt a little thrill at what had
happened. She stood in the same shower
that her son had been in. A strange feeling
came over her. It was almost like she was
feeling the excitement that Tommy had felt.
She resisted the urge to m——–e, forcing
herself to just take a shower.
Tommy decided not to stop over Shawn’s.
He got a movie–a ‘chick flick’ as the
teenagers called it–and headed back home.
When he went upstairs, he passed his
mother’s bedroom. The door was opened
just a crack. When he had passed the door,
he stopped. He saw his mother sitting on
the bed, painting her fingernails. She had a
towel around her body and one wrapped
around her head. Tommy started to peek in
and say hi, but he saw her get up and walk
over to the dresser, looking into the mirror.
He was surprised to see that the bath towel
barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks.
Her legs look so long and smooth. He stood
quietly and watched as she took the towel
from around her head and began to dry her
hair. Tommy knew that he shouldn’t be
spying, but he couldn’t help himself.
Sue used the towel to partially dry her hair
then plugged in the electric dryer. As the
warm air surrounded her, she looked into
the mirror. She saw movement outside the
door. For a second she was frightened but
realized that Tommy must have come home
early. When he didn’t move, it occurred to
her that he was spying. She considered
closing the door but knew that she would
embarrass him. Besides, after the talk about
freedom in the house, that would be
hypocritical. It was only fair since she had
watched him. Sue continued to dry her hair,
letting her son look at her scantily covered
Tommy was about to leave when he saw his
mother put the dryer down. Then he saw
her reach for the towel that was tucked
between her b—–s.
Suddenly Sue could feel excitement rippling
through her. Her hands trembled as she
grasped the towel at her b—–s. This is
crazy, she thought. Still, her hands moved
and she opened the towel, holding it wide
for a second or two. Her eyes glanced into
the mirror and she knew that Tommy could
see the naked front of her body. She could
feel her n—–s harden as she slowly let it
drop behind her. She thought she heard a
Tommy had gasped. He stood frozen,
looking at his mother’s naked body. She was
absolutely gorgeous. Her large b—–s were
still firm and sat up with very little sag. His
eyes traveled to her pubic area. He saw her
soft blond hair and just a hint of the pink
inner lips. Inside his pants, Tommy’s penis
was pulsing with life.
Then Sue did something that astounded her,
maybe more than Tommy. She reached
down and opened the bottom drawer,
bending over at the waist. Her buttocks
pushed back and she moved her legs slightly
“Oh God,” Tommy moaned as he stared at
his mother’s beautiful a-s. He looked
between her legs and could see the pouch
of her v—-a staring back at him. He could
even see the lips shining wetly. It didn’t
occur to him that his mother was just as
turned on as he was.
Sue felt like she was bent over for a very
long time, but it was more like several
seconds. She knew that she had to
straighten up when she felt her juice begin
to trickle out. Slowly she stood up, holding a
pair of skimpy red panties in her hand. Then
she bent again and stepped into the panties,
pulling them to her waist. She could feel the
silky material caress her buttocks sensuously
and pull tightly to her swollen s-x lips.
Somehow, Tommy pulled himself together
and moved away from the door.
Sue sighed and let out a deep breath. I must
be losing my mind she thought as she
began to dress. She put on a short summer
frock that came to the middle of her thighs.
When she started to walk out of the room,
she stopped. Her hands were shaking when
she lifted her dress and pulled her panties
off and threw them on the bed.
A few minutes later Sue joined Tommy in the
living room. He already had the movie in and
some popcorn made.
“Just in time,” he said as he watched her
walk into the room.
“Popcorn! Great!”
“I brought you some wine,” Tommy said
proudly as he pointed to a bottle cooling in
an ice bucket.
“Thank you sweetie!”
The lights were dimmed as the two settled
down to watch “Fried Green Tomatoes.”
Tommy hated the movie but he knew that
his mom would like it.
Sue sat on the couch and Tommy sat on the
floor leaning against the couch. About an
hour into the movie, Tommy excused
himself and went upstairs to the bathroom.
As he passed his mother’s room, he
stopped. He saw a pair of little red panties
lying on the bed. My God, has she taken her
panties off? he said to himself.
When Tommy returned to the living room,
he was on a mission. He had to know if she
had taken her panties off. As he sat back on
the floor, he turned slightly sideways so that
he could see his mother’s legs. However, try
as he might, he couldn’t get a view up her
dress. Finally, he sighed in frustration and
gave up.
To Be Continued…

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