Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 8

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
Both Tommy and his mom realized that the
ice had been broken and that there was no
going back. The best that Sue could hope for
was to control how far they went. However,
she knew that that was going to be
exceedingly difficult. After all, she had her
own needs. However, she na‹vely thought
that if she could keep him satisfied orally
then he wouldn’t try to push it further.
The following morning she was in the
bathroom in her bra and panties getting
dressed. It was Saturday and she wasn’t
going into work for a change. She saw
Tommy looking into the bathroom through
the slightly opened door. With a sigh, she
turned and looked at him.
Tommy smiled and pushed the door open.
“Good morning Mom,” he said as he stepped
into the bathroom.
“Good morning sweetheart.” Sue kissed his
lips quickly and turned back to the mirror to
put her makeup on.
Tommy stood behind her and wrapped his
arms around her waist.
She saw him looking over her shoulder at
her thinly dressed form. Her n—–s began
to harden under her thin beige stretch bra.
Then she saw his hands slowly moving up
her stomach and over her rib cage. When
his hands reached her bra-covered b—–s,
his lips touched the tender area of her neck.
A chill ran through Sue and she whispered,
“Tommy.” However, there was no
admonishment in her voice and she didn’t
say stop.
Slowly Tommy pushed his fingers under her
bra. “I want to see your b—–s,” he
whispered. When his mother just moaned,
he boldly pushed the bra up, letting both
b—–s pop free. “Oh God,” he moaned
when he saw her large b—–s in the
mirror. His hands covered the soft flesh and
began to knead them like cookie dough.
“Tommy,” Sue moaned again, rapidly losing
control. She could feel her son’s hard penis
pressing into her panty-covered buttocks.
Her own hips began to push backward. With
a deep breath, Sue spun around in Tommy’s
arms. She saw him smile and as he bent to
kiss her lips. Instead of giving him her lips,
Sue slid to her knees. Quickly she unsnapped
his shorts and pulled them down. She
gasped when his penis sprung out and hit
her in the face. He hadn’t worn any
“Oh God Mom,” Tommy moaned as his
mother took his penis into her mouth and
began to suck. His hips began to move back
and forth, forcing his penis to the back of
her throat. He watched as her face showed
the pleasure she was getting from sucking
him. Tommy was rapidly reaching the point
of no return. “Mom,” he hissed. When she
didn’t respond, he said it louder. “Mom!”
Sue groaned around her son’s penis and
looked up at him.
“Mom… can I f–k your ti… b—–s?”
Sue opened her eyes wide in surprise. God,
he was so much like his father. That was
one of his favorite things to do. Slowly Sue
pulled his penis from her mouth. She looked
up at Tommy and smiled. Then she kissed
the swollen head lovingly before sitting up
on her knees until his penis was between
her b—–s. She reached behind her,
unsnapped her bra, and dropped it to the
floor. Then she took a bottle of cream from
the counter. Without a word, she squirted it
between her b—–s and then closed the
m—-s around him, imprisoning him in her
soft flesh.
“Ohhhhhh!!!” Tommy moaned as the warm
flesh enveloped him. He watched in
excitement as she began to move her
b—–s up and down, her mouth catching
the head when it reached her lips. Tommy
knew that he wasn’t going to last very long.
This was just too wild. His hips began to
move quickly, forcing his penis between her
b—–s so rapidly that she couldn’t catch the
head in her mouth any more.
Sue held her b—–s tightly around her
son’s penis, looking up at his pleasure filled
face. She saw him grimace and knew that he
was close.
“Oh God Mom… I’m going to… ohhhhhhh…
cummmmm!!!” Suddenly, Tommy’s penis
throbbed and shot a huge string of juice
into the air, hitting his mother’s chin and
running down her chest. Then another blast
hit her and then another, splattering across
her chest. It kept coming until there was
nothing left but a slow trickle.
When the last drop was squeezed out,
Tommy staggered backward. He saw his
mother looking at her c-m-covered b—–s.
Then he watched her begin to massage the
thick juice into the soft skin.
Sue was lost in her own world for a few
minutes. When she realized that Tommy was
staring at her she stood up. “I have to get
dressed now, so give me a little privacy
“Uh… okay,” Tommy said.
As soon as Tommy was gone, Sue closed the
door. She pulled her panties down and
began to m——–e with one c-m-covered
hand. She used her other hand to caress her
juice-covered b—–s until a strong c—-x
roared through her.
Finally, Sue sighed and dressed, pulling the
bra over her still wet b—–s. Strangely, she
felt less guilt now. It seemed that each time
got a little easier. That worried her.
The following evening, Sue and Tommy
were scheduled to go down the street to a
neighbor’s house for a graduation party.
Sue was dressed in a low cut black cocktail
dress. The dress exposed a lot of her b—–s
and required a bra.
Tommy moaned about having to wear a tie
but when he saw the way
his mother was
dressed, he shut up. His eyes stared at her
exposed chest. “Wow Mom!” was all he
could muster.

to be continued..

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