Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: The Cleaning Lady… Part 2

A story written by Metalgear… (5C350257)
“Oh, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have put this in the middle of the way. I’m so, so sorry.” she pleaded, pushing the cart into the hedges. Instead of the middle-aged, plump woman who usually came around every other day to clean the compound, pushing the cart away from the path was a young, pretty damsel. The girl was gorgeous. The plain clothes she wore did not hide the perfect curves underneath. The sweater she had on that cool harmattan morning couldn’t hide the size of the basketballs that stood proudly on her chest. According to Usher, “her body was so tight, he was looking for her in the daytime with a flashlight”.
She was still apologizing as she moved the cart out of the way. She stood facing him and he couldn’t help but stare at her boobs.
“Oh don’t worry, I’m fine. I should have been more careful and watched where I was going.” He finally found his tongue. “By the way, you are new here. I’ve not seen you around here before.”
“Yes I just started today” she responded cheerfully. “I was told the other lady had to leave and I am her replacement. Humble, little me.”
“Wow. So nice. Well I have to rush off to work now. Will I get to see your lovely face again?”
“Well” she replied, pushing up her button nose in thought. “I’m usually scheduled here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.”
“Okay. I guess I’ll see you on Saturday then. What’s your name by the way?”
“Such a beautiful name for a pretty girl. Nice meeting you”
She giggled and blushed, embarrassed. ”It’s nice meeting you too Mr…..errr….”
“Kunle. Just call me Kunle. No fancy titles”.
“It’s nice meeting you too….Kunle.”
She pushed her cart towards the main building and he watched as her body undulated with her movements. Just before she entered, she looked back at him and caught him staring and smiled. He smiled back and disappeared into the building.
He rushed off to the park. He saw the bus already pulling up and he quickly ran to get his breakfast, the usual crowd of people already waiting patiently for their hot breakfast. Mama Akosua was busy serving a bunch of hungry customers when he arrived.
Kunle: “Madam una well done oh”.
Mummy Akosua: “Ah customer good morning oh. How are u this morning?”
Kunle: “I just dey try manage my life oh. How market?”
Mummy Akosua:”Market dey oh my dear. As you see am we dey manage. Na God dey help us oh.”
Kunle: “Where my little girl and her brother?”
Mummy Akosua:”They’ve gone to school.”
Kunle: “This early morning?”
Mummy Akosua:”Yes oh. You know Akosua is a prefect in her school. She has to lead by example.”
She called out to someone inside to bring out his package. “How much do I owe u ma?” he asked.
“Na 200 naira.”
“U get change for 1000?”
“This early morning? I no get change oh. You fit bring am in the evening.”
Kunle thanked her and waited for his pack. Upon its arrival, he grabbed it and thanked Mummy Akosua. He ran to join the bus which was almost filled up and grabbed a seat. He looked back at the hungry patrons as the bus moved off.
Throughout that day Kunle had not been able to get his mind off the girl. Her curves, her lovely chest, the shiny ivory skin occupied his thoughts as he went about his work. But what could he do about it? He didn’t want to disappoint another girl again. Besides, he was yet to make up with Lara, something he planned to do that weekend. She had still refused to pick his calls, chats, emails. He decided to go to her house again that weekend. She would definitely have cooled down and would hear him out.
On his way home on Friday, he entered a store to buy a box of perfumes, chocolates, and some roses. Though it set him back some 30k, he felt it was worth it. He made sure he looked as clean as he could be. He got himself a fresh haircut and shave, and bought a new shirt and tie. He really wanted to impress her and show he was really sorry for what happened.
Saturday morning, as he was about to go get some eggs and bread from the mallam at the gate for his breakfast, he ran into Sheila again. Immediately she saw him she beamed and bounced up to him. She wore a red T-shirt over a pair of blue jeans. The shirt struggled to contain her boobs which were pushing against the fabric. Her hair was tied in a scarf and she had on a pair of black sandals. She looked stunning.
“Hello Kunle” she greeted him cheerfully.
“Good morning Sheila. You look all so bright and beautiful today” he greeted back.
“Yeah it’s a beautiful morning. Not too cold though like yesterday.”
“You haven’t really told me much about yourself.”
“Well you never asked. And this is the second time we’re talking.”
He smiled. “Okay then. So why is a young beautiful lady like you doing a job meant for old middle-aged women?”
She laughed. “Don’t think I’m a small girl oh. I’m not as young as you think.”
“So how old are you then?”
“I’m 21.”
“21? That is still young in my books. Anyways why are you working this odd job?”
“Well…” she responded, removing her glasses and rubbing her eyes, “…I finished high-school about two years ago. I moved here to Lagos when I couldn’t get into any school back in the east and my mum wanted me to get married since that was not turning out. I insisted I must at least finish my college degree first so she sent me here to be with her sister. I told her I will look for a small job where I can raise some money to at least buy a JAMB or Pre-ND form and pay a bit of my upkeep. I’m tired of asking her all the time for money. After about 6 months I was able to get this one. It is not much, but at least I get something to save towards my aim.”
“That’s a good strategy. How much are you being paid here?” Kunle asked.
“Well it’s not much. Though I just started two days ago, they pay me 3500 monthly.”
She raised her hand. “I know it’s not much, but with time I may get another job that pays better.”
Kunle smiled at her naivety. “Anyways that’s a good plan. If you have any issues or you need any help, don’t hesitate to call on me. I live in there.” He said, pointing to his living quarters.
She smiled back. “Sure I will. Well I have to skip off. Talk to you later.”
She skipped away to the main building. Kunle sighed. Well you cant have it both ways he told himself. He decided to skip breakfast and go try win Lara back. If he had known what he was going to encounter, he would have just forgotten it the day she shoved him out of her house rudely.
To Be Continued…

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