Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 14

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my God
Tommmmmmmmmyyyyyy!!!” Sue’s hips
were pushed up in the air and she was
almost on her back on the cushion of the
Tommy let his face be used for his mom’s
pleasure. He pushed his tongue deep into
her convulsing hole and the slick walls
inside her v—-a quivered around it.
Sue’s c—-x went on and on. Each time she
thought she was done, Tommy would hit a
new spot and bring her to a peak again. She
thought she might pass out as her heart
pounded and she gasped for breath.
Finally, Sue’s body began to relax with little
tremors still running through her. Then, she
had to push Tommy’s face away from her
now sensitive s-x lips. She had never had a
c—-x as good or one that lasted as long.
Her body felt like a limp rag. She was
slumped on the chair; both legs still
wrapped around Tommy’s neck. When she
looked at her son kneeling between her
legs, there was a silly grin on his face. His
face was literally covered with her juice.
“My God, I had forgotten how good it felt to
be eaten,” Sue gasped when she could talk
again. “Tommy, you just gave me the best
c—-x of my life. Thank you… thank you, you
were wonderful. I love you so much,” Sue
said, looking into his eyes lovingly.
Tommy sat back on his haunches, smiling
like the cat that ate the canary.
“Come here and let me take care of you,” Sue
said, pulling Tommy from his kneeling
Tommy jumped up and stood next to his
mom, bringing his dripping penis close to
her mouth.
“God, I love this c–k,” Sue said to herself as
she brought her son’s swollen penis to her
face. As she held his s—t tight, she could
actually feel his wildly beating heart though
his penis. When she squeezed she saw a
large clear drop of liquid bubble out then
run down and across her fingers. She closed
her eyes, bringing the head to her mouth.
She and Tommy moaned as her lips circled
the swollen head. The head filled her mouth
as her lips squeezed the s—t. She held it
like that, sucking just the head. Her saliva
flowed, coating the head in her warm
mouth. She almost forgot about Tommy as
she lost herself in the excitement of sucking
Suddenly remembering that her son was
attached to this incredible penis, she pulled
away and looked up at him. Then she said in
a whisper, “I am going to suck your c–k
Tommy. Your mom wants to suck all the
juice out of your balls. Do you want me to
suck you? Do you want your mom to
swallow all that delicious sperm? Tell me, tell
me you want me to suck you until you squirt
into my mouth.”
“Yes, yes, please, put it back in your mouth,
please suck it,” Tommy moaned at his
mother’s nasty words.
Sue took his penis deep into her warm and
wet mouth again, making loud sucking
noises, which were intended to let her son
know how much she loved sucking him.

to be continued....

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