Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 15

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
Tommy couldn’t take much more.
He had
held off as long as possible. It felt like an
explosion in his head as chills went through
his body. His body tensed and his hips
pushed forward. It almost felt as if it were
happening in slow motion when his penis
throbbed and a huge load of c-m began
traveling up the long s—t. He could feel it
rushing to be released.
Sue was prepared for it this time. She moved
his thrusting s—t back slightly so she could
take the first strong squirts into her mouth
and not her throat. Suddenly, her son began
to spew like a fire hose, filling her mouth
over and over with his thick sperm. Sue
swallowed each shot and s—-d for more,
her hand pumping up and down rapidly.
Incredibly, the thrill of her son’s sperm
squirting into her mouth excited her again.
Sue felt her s-x lips quiver and another little
c—-x shook her.
Eventually, the flow slowed and then
stopped. Sue continued to suck hard, trying
to get the last few precious drops.
Finally, Tommy pulled away and staggered
over to the sofa and fell, gasping for breath.
He saw his mother still on her knees, smiling
at him. There was not a drop of his c-m on
her face anywhere. She had swallowed it all.
It was a night that both mother and son
would remember forever.
Over the next few weeks, Sue and Tommy
continued their liaisons. There was no
longer any hesitation on Sue’s part.
Somehow, she had rationalized that since
they were not actually having “s-x” it was
okay. However, she knew in her heart that
there was no difference.
Sue continued to teach Tommy what a
woman liked and what a woman needed. It
was part of her rationalization.
She could
make him a better lover for his wife
someday. She showed him how to caress
and suck her b—–s. She pointed out her
sensitive spots, all the places that most men
miss. Little places like behind the knee or the
crook of her arm. She taught him that
sometimes women like it a little rough but
most of the time they wanted a tender and
considerate lover.
While some of it was confusing to Tommy,
he was a very willing pupil. He was anxious
to learn everything there was to know
about what turned his mom on.
He would
refuse her nothing as he was now
desperately in love with her.
Sue wasn’t blind and could see the love in
his eyes. It was also obvious that he wanted
to go all the way with her. In her mind, that
was still out of bounds. However, she knew
that she was only deluding herself and that
they were far beyond the boundaries with
their relationship.
A few weeks after they began their oral
exploration, Sue and Tommy had one of
their evening dates. They decided to stay
home and relax. Sue had had a very difficult
week at work when several important
people resigned. She had been upset and
tense all week, deferring any sexual activity
until the end of the week
Tommy had been understanding and
patient but he was mad with desire by the
time the week ended. He had a plan tonight.
This was the night, he thought. He couldn’t
wait any longer.
Tommy got things ready while Sue took a
bath. He had set up a game of Scrabble on
the floor and put a bottle of Sue’s favorite
wine on ice. He was sitting on the floor
when Sue came down. He saw that she had
decided not to get dressed, preferring to
wear a long soft terry cloth robe to cover
her otherwise naked body. Her hair was still
damp from the shower as she walked into
the room.
To Be Continued…

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