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Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 16

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
As Tommy looked at his mother, his heart
skipped a beat. It was as if he were seeing
her for the first time. For some reason, she
looked incredibly beautiful tonight with no
make up or sexy clothes on and her hair still
wet from the shower.
Sue was still tired and tense but she was
looking forward to their quiet evening.
It was a very dangerous environment for a
woman that had refused to consummate
her incestuous relationship with her son.
She and Tommy played several games of
Scrabble as they talked and laughed. Sue felt
the tension draining from her. No matter
how tough it got outside, she always had
Tommy to give her comfort.
As she sat on the floor, she watched her
son. He was growing up quickly. Soon he
would be a man with children of his own.
Sue sighed and pictured Tommy as a father,
playing with his kids. She was certain that
he would be a good father and husband.
Her heart swelled with pride and love.
“Uh… Mom, it’s your turn,” Tommy said.
“Oh… I’m sorry. I was a million miles away. I
think I’ve had enough for tonight.”
“Okay. What about a shoulder massage?”
“That would be wonderful.”
Tommy moved the Scrabble board out of the
way and got on his knees behind his
mother. He placed his strong hands on her
shoulder muscles and started to squeeze.
“Wow, you are tense.”
“Mmmmm. I know. That feels so good
sweetie,” Sue said relaxing into his strong
“Let me get to the skin,” Tommy said,
pushing the soft robe down until her
shoulders were bare. Even her shoulders are
sexy, Tommy thought as his hands went to
work on her again.
“Oh Tommy that’s wonderful.”
Soon Sue felt so relaxed that she felt like she
could almost go to sleep. As she swayed
slightly back and forth, she felt Tommy’s
hands move across her shoulders and down
toward her chest. She smiled as she felt him
gradually move his fingers to the upper
swells of her b—–s. She leaned back into
him and let him have her b—–s.
Tommy wasted no time in capturing both
b—–s in his hands. He looked over her
shoulder and watched as he massaged her
chest as he had done her shoulders.
However, there were no tense muscles
there, only warm and pliant flesh.
Sue moaned as he squeezed and massaged
her b—–s with his experienced fingers.
She felt him take the n—–s between his
fingers and squeeze firmly. Then he pulled
them up, lifting her heavy orbs. A little
whimper escaped her lips and she moved
her chest upward, following his fingers.
Sue’s n—–s were always very sensitive and
had a direct line to her g—n. She squeezed
her legs together as little shock waves
rushed down her body.
After a few minutes, Tommy got up and
turned off all but one soft light. Then he
brought some pillows down from the sofa.
He put his arm around his mom and pulled
her down to lay with him. Her still uncovered
b—–s pressed to his chest as he pulled her
close. At the perfect time, Tommy turned to
his mom and brought his lips to hers. It was
the first of many passionate kisses.
The body heat of the two began to climb
rapidly as their kisses grew in intensity. It
seemed so natural when Tommy opened the
belt on her robe and pushed it down to
reveal the soft curves of her body. Tommy
stared in wonder. It seemed that each time
he saw her naked, she looked more
Tommy began to pull all of his mother’s
sexual strings. She had taught him well,
leaving her no defenses. He kissed her lips
softly, moving up her neck and bringing
chills to her warm body. Then his tongue
touched her ear, circling it and leaving a wet
trail behind.
“I love you Mom,” Tommy whispered then
began to kiss back down her neck. Moving
slowly down, his tongue following the
contours of her body until he reached the
swells of her b—–s. He placed gentle kisses
across the smooth surface until he reached
the n—-e and then s—-d one and then
the other into his mouth. He used his fingers
to tweak one n—-e as his tongue licked the
Sue was a moaning mass of quivering flesh
by the time Tommy got to the soft skin of
her belly.
Tommy knelt between her legs and lifted
them onto his shoulders. He slowly bent to
her center, kissing her soft and quivering
thighs as he went. He teased her, denying
her his mouth to the place she wanted it
most. Up and down her legs he moved, even
taking her toes into his mouth and sucking
them. He knew that he was teasing his
mother to the brink of her endurance.
Finally, he spread her legs as wide as
possible and paused, looking down at her
pulsing s-x. He could tell that she had just
shaved herself. Her pubic M—d was
smooth and soft. Tommy’s mouth practically
drooled. With a little whine, he bent his head
to her center.
“Oh Jesus Tommy, oh God, oh God,” Sue
moaned as she felt his tongue move up and
down the smooth outer lips. He even
pushed his tongue into the crease on each
side, licking the sensitive flesh. His tongue
worked around her swollen lips, barely
touching them.
Tommy pulled back and smiled at his
mother. He saw her eyes hooded over in
denied pleasure. He reached down and
gently opened her lips, exposing the now
throbbing c–t. He lowered his head and
blew warm air on the little nub, watching it
quiver with need.
“Oh God Tommy, please,” Sue begged.
Tommy didn’t answer. Instead, he pushed
her legs up to her chest, exposing her entire
g—n to him. He could see her tiny rear hole
almost winking at him. His mom had never
taught him anything about that place.
Suddenly, he felt the need to kiss it. His head
bent quickly, before she could stop him and
kissed the little hole, feeling it pulse under
his lips.
“Oh my God Tommy,” Sue almost screamed
as she felt his tongue on her back passage,
tickling her. “Tommy, Tommy, what are you
doing?” she gasped.
If Tommy even heard her, he paid no
attention. His tongue licked around the hole,
teasing the sensitive skin and felt it quiver.
Then suddenly, he pushed it inside.
“Tommmmmmmmmmy!!!!” Sue’s hips
bucked up into Tommy’s mouth as his
tongue stretched her back passage. She had
never felt anything like it. It was so nasty but
oh so exciting. “Oh God, oh God, oh God.”
Tommy was proud of himself. He had found
something his mother hadn’t taught him.
His penis throbbed almost painfully in his
shorts as he moved his tongue in and out of
her rear hole. His saliva drooled down and
around his mother’s stretched hole. Tommy
found that he loved the feel of her little hole
and promised to come back there at a later
time. However, right now he had other
When Tommy had his mother totally mad
with passion and desperate for him to do
something to her, he bent over her and
whispered. “Mom, can I just touch your
p—y with my c–k?”
“Oh Tommy, I… I… oh God, please, oh I don’t
know. I can’t think,” she responded, almost
Tommy took that as a yes and quickly
stripped his clothes off. He stood for a
moment over his mother, letting her see his
excitement. His penis was dripping juice and
the s—t was bouncing up and down with
his rapid heartbeat. He wrapped his hand
around it and slowly moved his fist across
the length of it. His other hand cupped his
balls, almost offering them to her.
“Oh Tommy!” his mother moaned as she
watched his wanton display.
Tommy moved to kneel between his
mother’s legs before she could protest.
Leaning forward on one hand, he used the
other to push the swollen head of his penis
down to touch his mother’s dripping s-x
lips. Next, he gently mixed his own leaking
juice with his mother’s, moving the head in
a circular motion. Then he moved it up and
down between the lips, teasing both his
sensitive head and her swollen lips. When he
felt the head touch her swollen c–t, he
paused, circling the soft skin of his penis
head on her center of pleasure.
“Ahhhhhh!!!” Sue moaned.
Then Tommy slowly slid his penis down and
almost imperceptibly inserted the head
between her lips.
“Oh Tommy, no,” Sue said, placing her hands
on his hips to prevent him from moving
further in. She was gasping for breath, her
arms shaking from excitement as she tried
weakly to hold him back with the last
vestiges of control.
Neither his mother’s tone of voice nor her
hands seemed to be forceful enough to
invoke the “stop” rule. Tommy reasoned that
she had not actually used the word “stop,”
so he continued moving forward, ever so
slowly. He looked down to the point where
their bodies met and saw that the head was
now completely inside his mother’s body.
Her beautiful smooth lips were stretched
around his s—t. He felt the head expand
and throb inside of her. In reaction, his
mom’s hole quivered and squeezed him
Sue was moaning and moving her head
back and forth slowly, as if to say “no”, but
no words came from her mouth. Her hands,
which had been holding him back, seemed
to be easing the pressure on his hips.
Tommy took a risk and pushed slightly
forward, inserting another inch into her.
Suddenly, Tommy felt like he was going to
c-m and spoil everything. He needed to
concentrate on something else, as his
mother had taught him, until the desire to
c—-x lessened. He used his hand to
squeeze hard at the base of his penis and
then he held very still for a while, thinking
about football, baseball, anything but s-x.
When the threat passed, he pushed a little
harder, forcing another inch into his
mother. He could feel the warm confines of
his mother’s v—-a caressing and
massaging him like a soft, wet glove.
Sue opened her eyes and looked into
Tommy’s. There was an electrical charge
running between them, starting at their
joined parts and moving up their bodies.
In his mother’s burning eyes, he could see
an incredible look of love. In that instant he
knew how love and s-x fit together.
It was impossible for Sue to hold her eyes
open for long as ripples of pleasure rushed
through her. “No, no, no, no,” she whispered
but made no move to stop her son.
Tommy removed his hand from the base of
his penis and placed it on the other side of
his almost delirious mother. He was now
supporting himself on his hands and toes;
the only connection between the two was
their sexual parts. His penis was now several
inches inside her. Nothing they had done
had ever prepared him for the feeling of her
soft insides. It was tight, warm and wet. He
could feel his mother’s insides quivering;
the soft folds of skin rippling up and down
his s—t.
When Tommy didn’t move to enter her
further, Sue opened her eyes. She saw
Tommy still staring back down at her. The
only sounds in the room were from the
clock on the wall and their pounding hearts.
Sue knew that this was the moment. There
would be no going back; if she didn’t stop
him now, she could never deny him again.
They would become real lovers–mother and
Sue’s v—-a gave an involuntary squeeze
around her son’s penis. She tried to control
the desire to t—-t her hips up at him. Still,
her hips began to make little movements,
almost quivering.
Tommy waited. He wanted his mom to
accept him into her body. He never wanted
her to look back and think that he had
forced himself on her. The moments ticked
by, mother and son, eye to eye, their bodies
connected at one strategic point.
“Oh Tommy, please,” Sue begged in a
whisper, her eyes almost rolling back in her
“Please what?” Tommy asked, wanting to
hear her say it.
“Please, please,” Sue begged again, her mind
in an emotional turmoil. She knew what he
wanted but she didn’t want to say it. It was
wrong, so wrong.
Tommy took another risk and pulled his
penis partially out, like he was going to
remove it completely. Sue immediately
grabbed his hips and held him still, his penis
only just inside her body.
“What do you want Mom?” Tommy asked,
again forcing her to make a decision.
“I… I… oh God Tommy! I want… oh Jesus… I
want you to f–k ME!” she finally said.
“Are you sure?” Tommy asked, knowing that
he couldn’t stop now even if she said no.
“Oh yes! Please f–k ME!”
Tommy smiled, he had won this emotional
battle, and now he could claim the prize. He
slowly forced his weight down, pushing
himself inch by inch into his mother’s body.
He heard her moan as he slid deep into her
until his balls touched the soft skin of her
buttocks. His body pressed down on her,
feeling her burning body against his.
Sue’s hips began to buck up in spasm as her
arms went around her son’s neck. Her
mouth went to his shoulder and she bit
down, cutting off a scream of pleasure. It
had been so long since she had felt a man
inside her. However, this wasn’t just any
man. This was her son. She was f—–g her
own son! her mind screamed.
Tommy was fighting for control and again
had to call on all his strength to hold back
his c—-x. He had never felt anything so
wonderful. His mother’s warm hole caressed
the length of him like a velvet glove.
He held himself deep as he looked at her
beautiful face. Then he brought his lips to
hers in an emotional kiss. His tongue went
deep into her mouth as his s—t had gone
deep into her welcoming hole. He could feel
her soft b—–s pressing into his chest,
heaving with her labored breathing. Their
bodies were connected from top to bottom.
He pulled his lips from hers and said, “I am
going to f–k you now, Mom. I have my c–k
deep in your beautiful body. I am going to
f–k you until you c-m over and over. I want
to feel that tight p—y squeezing my c–k
like a vise, squeezing all the c-m out of me.
Are you ready, are you ready for me to f–k
“Yes, yes, yes, f–k me, f–k me hard. I need
it! I need your c–k deep in me! f–k me!
Make me c-m all over that wonderful c–k of
yours!” All of Sue’s control was gone. She
was lost in sexual delirium

to be continued...

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