Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 17

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
That’s what Tommy was waiting to hear. He
pulled back slowly, hesitating for just a
second, and then he rapidly plunged into
Sue screamed; she felt like her mind had lost
all control of her body. She was rapidly
spiraling into a c—-x. She was f—–g her
son; they were now real lovers. The wet
slapping sounds echoed in the quiet room.
From somewhere, Tommy found new
staying power and used it to drive his
mother crazy with desire. He was like a
machine, his hips moving up and down in a
blur. Time and again, he plunged deep into
her, spattering her juice over his balls and
thighs. His balls were now making a loud
slapping sound as they hit the cheeks of her
Sue looked up at her son just before she lost
all control and said, “Oh God, I love you.”
Then she closed her eyes and her body
trembled. Suddenly, fire works started to go
off in her head. She barely heard Tommy’s
words of love as a c—-x roared through
her, sending her into convulsions of
“I love you,” Tommy responded with his last
breath before he reached his peak and
began to release everything he had into his
mother. Squirt after squirt poured from him
and into her, filling the tight hole to
overflow. He could feel his mother’s body
tense as wave after wave of ecstasy took
her to a place she had never been before.
Her legs locked around his back holding him
a prisoner deep within her body. His life
giving sperm continued to surge into the
depths of her womb.
Finally, Tommy collapsed onto his mother
and then rolled to the side, his shrunken
penis slipping out, trailing sperm across her
thigh. He pulled his now limp mother over to
him. When he kissed her cheek and she
didn’t respond, he realized that she had lost
Some time later, Sue stirred. “Oh God,” she
Tommy heard her words and worried that
she was sorry about what had happened.
Sue pulled away and got to her feet. She
stood above her lover and her son, looking
down with undisguised love.
Tommy looked back, reading her thoughts.
He could see that she was not upset.
How could this be so wrong? she thought.
Tommy eyes traveled down his mother’s
gorgeous body. They stopped when he saw
something in the soft room light that caused
his penis to stir anew. His sperm had begun
to drip out of her saturated hole and run
down her thigh.
Sue did nothing to stop it, she loved the
feeling; it was the evidence of their love
pouring from her satisfied body. Sue smiled
down at Tommy then held out her hand. She
led him upstairs to her bed.
By the time they got to the bedroom, Tommy
was hard again. Sue lay back on the bed and
opened her arms and legs to her son.
Effortlessly his penis slid into her saturated
hole and his hips began to move again.
The rest of the night was a blur of sexual frenzy. Tommy’s youth wore his mother out. He took her three more times that night, bringing her to the brink of exhaustion and ultimate satisfaction.
To Be Continued...

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