Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 18

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)
When Tommy awoke the following morning,
the bed beside him was empty. He looked at
the clock and saw that it was ten AM. He
crawled out of bed and found a pair of
shorts to put on and then went downstairs.
As he walked into the kitchen, he saw his
mother standing at the stove fixing
breakfast with a spatula in her hand and
looking out the window. The light from the
window silhouetted her body under the thin
housedress. Tommy stood and admired his
mother’s form, feeling excitement begin to
Sue’s mind was awash in turmoil again.
There was no doubt that she loved her son
like a man. In truth, she had no regrets
about what had happened. However, she
knew that it was going to be difficult for
them. The future was very uncertain. Where
would they go from here? How would they
keep their relationship secret? What if
somebody found out? It was all so
Tommy walked up behind his mother and
wrapped his arms around her, kissing her
neck and squeezing her tight.
Sue reached up and touched Tommy’s arms
lovingly then bent and kissed the back of his
hand. A wave of love overcame her as tears
began to fall.
Tommy heard his mother sniffle and turned
her around. “What’s wrong, Mom?”
“Nothing,” she said, smiling through her
tears. “I love you.”
Their lips came together in a tender kiss.
Slowly as their tongues dueled, the passion
grew. When Tommy pulled back, there was a
fire in his eyes again. He stared into his
mother’s eyes and brought his hands to her
housedress. Suddenly, with a mighty tug,
Tommy ripped the front of the dress down
the middle, shooting buttons all over the
Sue screamed in surprise.
Tommy pushed the ruined dress off his
mother’s shoulders and let it drop to the
floor. Then he pulled her over to the kitchen
table and pushed her back until she was
sitting on it. He pulled up a chair and sat
between her legs.
“Oh God Tommy, what are you doing?” Sue
gasped but didn’t fight him when he
pushed her to her back.
“Having breakfast,” Tommy answered as his
mouth covered her v—-a. He ate her like a
madman. His lips and tongue were
everywhere he could reach. He ignored his
mother’s cries of pleasure as she climaxed
over and over. Finally, when his jaw tired, he
pushed her legs into the air and entered
“Ahhhhhh!!!” she screamed as his long s—t
went to the bottom of her still saturated
hole in one t—-t.
As he pounded into his mother, the table
squeaked and moved across the floor,
threatening to collapse. After having so
many climaxes last night, Tommy knew that
he could go on for a long time. Which he
did, bringing her to c—-x after c—-x.
Just when Sue thought he was done and
would c—-x, he picked her up and held her
to his g—n like a doll. She held on tight to
his neck as he walked her around the room,
continuously moving in and out of her. He
took her on the sink, the counter, against
the refrigerator and eventually on the floor.
They knocked over chairs and rattled china
in the cabinets.
Sue was almost relieved when he said he
was going to c-m. Her poor body could
barely take any more. When he cried out
that he was going to c-m, she pulled him
tight to her, her legs wrapping around his
waist and let him c—-x into her body once
Sue couldn’t deny it any longer. She was in
love with her own son. There was no going
back so she decided that the future would
take care of itself. Through all of the
uncertainty there was one thing for sure,
their love. It would see them through.

to be continued....

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