Friday, 8 April 2016

Must Read: Could This Be Love? Part 19

A story written by Williams Kaduna Boy… (5C350257)

The sexual relationship between Sue and
Tommy continued and even accelerated over
the next several months. Tommy was almost
insatiable. It was as if he were trying to
make up for the high school years. The two
of them had had s-x almost everywhere
possible, and in every position. However,
there was one thing that they hadn’t done,
but Tommy was afraid to ask.
On Tommy’s nineteenth birthday, Sue
wanted to do something special for him. She
prepared his favorite meal and had them
both dress for dinner. Tommy complained
about having to put on a suit but as usual
did what his mother asked.
When dinner was over and the dishes left
on the table, Sue and Tommy went into the
living room. Sue put on some slow music
and took Tommy into her arms.
As they danced, Tommy caressed his
mother’s buttocks through her satin dress.
Tommy loved the way she looked in this
dress. It emphasized her a-s to perfection. It
was skin tight and short, with a split all the
way up to her hip. He knew that she wasn’t
wearing panties because they would be
visible. Besides, she rarely wore underwear
anymore. It only got in the way of their
frequent bouts of s-x.
Sue kissed her son’s neck and let him caress
her buttocks. Then she whispered into his
ear, “You like my a-s don’t you?”
“God yes,” he responded, squeezing her firm
but soft cheeks for emphasis.
“Do you want it?”
Tommy pulled back from his mother with a
questioning look on his face. “What?” He
could see that his mother’s eyes were
burning with lust.
“I’m a virgin back there.”
It took Tommy a second to realize what she
was saying. “You mean… you mean f–k you
there?” he asked incredulously.
“Yes! I want to give my a-s to you. It’s my
special present for your birthday. Of course
if you don’t want to…”
“No… I mean yes… oh God Mom, are you
Sue kissed Tommy’s lips then took his hand.
She led him up the stairs and into their
bedroom. She let Tommy sit on the bed then
turned around for him to unzip her dress.
Tommy’s hands were shaking as he slowly
lowered the zipper. He could see his
mother’s smooth back as the dress opened.
The zipper went all the way to the top of her
Sue shrugged the dress off, letting it fall to
her feet, leaving her naked but for a pair of
high heels and silk thigh high nylons. She
stood with her back to him, letting him see
her naked form. Then she looked over her
shoulder and smiled, saying, “Do you want
to f–k me in the a-s?” She leaned slightly
forward and reached back, spreading her
“Oh God,” was all Tommy could say as he
saw his mother spread her buttocks
obscenely in front of him.
“Get your clothes off,” she said and turned
around to help him strip. Soon, they were
lying on the bed naked and in an embrace.
Sue turned over on her back and grabbed a
couple of pillows, putting them under her
buttocks. When she was situated on her
back with her thighs spread, she motioned
to Tommy to get between her legs.
Tommy hurried to comply. When he was
kneeling between her raised thighs she
looked into his eyes and said, “Put your c–k
in my p—y first and get it wet. Then f–k
my a-s.”
Tommy almost climaxed right then. With
shaking hands, he fitted his penis between
his mother’s wet lips. A moan escaped both
of them as he pushed into her. Her tight
hole felt so good that he couldn’t imagine
anything better.
After Tommy had t—-t into her a few
times, Sue pushed him back. Then she
placed her legs on his shoulders and lifted
up until her rear hole was exposed. Her
hands were trembling as she reached down
and pulled her cheeks apart. “Put it in,” she
hissed excitedly.
Tommy’s aimed the large head of his penis
at her tiny brown hole. He couldn’t imagine
how it could fit into such a small place.
Slowly he pushed forward. He heard his
mother groan and he stopped to look at her
Her eyes were closed tight but she said, “Go
With his hands on her thighs, Tommy pulled
her toward him and pushed at the same
time. “Ahhhh!” he groaned as the head of
his penis slipped inside his mother’s tight
little hole. The ring snapped shut, squeezing
the head in a vise.
“Wait, wait,” Sue breathed, letting her rear
passage get used to the large head. After a
few excruciating seconds for Tommy, she
said, “Okay, f–k me.”
Tommy pushed again and watched in
amazement as his rod disappeared into his
mother’s body. Inch by inch it moved until
his entire penis was surrounded by her
warm insides. The feeling was incredible. It
was soft, hot and tight like her v—-a but
different. It squeezed every inch of his s—t,
from the base to the tip.
“f–k meeeee!” Sue pleaded.
Almost reluctantly, Tommy began to move,
pulling his penis almost all the way out
before pushing back in. “Oh God,” he
moaned as her smooth hole s—-d him
inside. Tommy began to move faster.
“That’s it, that’s it, f–k me lover. f–k your
mother’s asssssss!” Sue screamed as she
built toward a c—-x. She reached down
and began to rub her c–t. “Oh God baby, I’m
going to c-m. Oh yes, oh yes,” she hissed as
her hole tightened around Tommy’s s—t.
“Oh Jesus Mom,” Tommy moaned as he felt
her body began to convulse. “I’m going to
c-m too,” he moaned. He pushed into her
hole as deeply as possible and froze.
Sue felt his penis quiver inside her a-s. She
was amazed that she could actually feel him
begin to c-m. That intensified her building
Both of them screamed in pleasure as
Tommy filled his mother’s rear hole with his

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